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Vietnam Discovery

Located in the Far East of Asia, with more than 3200km of coastline and sharing borders with China, Laos and Cambodia, Vietnam of 4000 years has so much to offer. Ranging from natural and cultural heritages recognized by the United Nations to the multi-cultures of 54 different hill tribes to the bustling modern-day cities, visitors can experience the tranquility and originality of the still-preserved everyday life, fairy-tale landscapes, plenty of sunshine and charming beaches throughout the countryside, and the energy of sophisticated city life. Vietnamese hospitality is always present, and travelers will especially enjoy the traditional festivals, folksongs, and foods of different areas.

There may be some tourists who still think of the Vietnam of wartime, however that is the story of 30 years ago. In fact, it’s really difficult to find traces of war on your journeys, except those places set apart for memorials or for nostalgic veterans. One can truly understand present-day Vietnam via this meaningful sentence: "One foot in the past, one foot in the future, two open arms and warm smiles – this is today’s Vietnam".

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