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Vyta Tours has been in operation since the late 1980's, when Vietnam had just opened the doors to the world.


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Located in Far East Asia, with more than 3,200 kilometers of coastline connecting the Red River Valley in the north and the Mekong Delta in the South, Vietnam is a tropical paradise. Sharing borders with China in the north, Laos and Cambodia in the west, Thailand gulf in the south and Pacific ocean in the east, this nation of nearly 90 million proud people claims a rich heritage, a more 4,000-year history. It's an exotic country filled with boundless energy, rich delights, a mix of the ordinary and sublime. Vietnam boasts:

  • Hospitable people, mouth-watering cuisines, modern communications, and multiple cultures, from the lowland Confucian Vietnamese to the hills peoples whose customs date back to prehistoric times.
  • Restful rice paddies, rustic countryside villages, hamlet schools with red tile roofs and school children darting about in neat uniforms.
  • Developing cities bursting with young entrepreneurs and street vendors, mixing old and new, modern methods and traditions dating back centuries.
  • Sandy beaches dotted with coconut palms along shores of lapping aqua green waters; coral reefs waiting to be explored by adventurous scuba and deep-sea divers.
  • World-class hotels and resorts to simple, but clean rooms for the budget-minded traveler.

For some, Vietnam may remain as a country etched in memory by war. However, that was some 34 years ago. Today, it is land with traces of war, except the occasional memorial park. The Vietnamese people today enjoy peace and increased prosperity. Vietnam is now one of the world’s safest travel destinations.


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